… Are we Slaves to Paper ?

Slave Paper…

Currency paper is composed of 25 percent linen and 75 percent cotton.

When not backed by any resources it’s called Fiat Money. We simply choose to believe and agree that it has value… 

95 percent of all Money on the Planet exists digitally in cyberspace and isn’t backed by anything but your belief!

As such, Gold and other precious metals have no value either. It is only worth what comes out of it’s usage to benefit all of us on Earth while preserving Nature.

A Resource Based Economy is the only way to go in the future. What we have right now is a dictatorship disguised as “democracy” in a responsible “free market”. Corruption has taken over every aspect of our lives and taken away our freedom.

Image Courtesy : Moneyless World


All black people should demand that white people pay them in gold or silver are precious metals it’s highly disrespectful to self to except currency banknotes with a slave master all over it? black people should just start burning down banks and financial institutions we should just start burning this whole country to a sender set on fire everything that white people created purification for the First Nations

I would like to think that people are this stupid.


Going back to what my girlfriend said, it’s so annoying that you essentially can’t have an opinion in the black community (especially on social networks) that doesn’t fall in line with what everyone else says.

And if you care to voice your opinion or disagree, you get bullied, berated, and everything in between.

But unity though, right? All that uplift each other bullshit goes out the window if you don’t think exactly as the majority does.

True Life:


I just don’t give a fuck.

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Add it to your bucket list.