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In all my years, no other race of women has caused me so much pain as much as black women. I've tried everything in my power to respect, understand, and love them. Black women today do not allow black men to be men. They want to wrest the mantle of leadership and get an attitude when he tries to be a man then call him "trifling" if he gives up. That's why I like this blog, black women need love, they just wont get it from most fed up black men. So you go and enjoy your white or asian men.


I love getting positive messages from black guys on the subject of black women  dating outside their race. A few black guys want to bash me for being with a white man. At least many black men know how important mixing is when it comes to having kids.


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Wow. You are a very energetic cheerleader for us race mixers. Lol. I have three mixed kids and a granddaughter. Ill keep followin.


Thank you very much. I also have three mixed kids, and hope they give me many mixed grandchildren. Since they are half black and half white I hope they don’t have kids with either.

I mean if they do I won’t care, because they will be adults at this point. But I’d rather them not have kids that are pretty much one race. Maybe we should move to an area with a high Hispanic or Asian population.




If you’re having a discussion with a black woman and she’s getting passionate about it the same way you’ve been passionate about it but you’re not even trying to take in what she’s saying so you just call her "angry" or "threatening" in order to shut her up and derail her when she’s just speaking her mind…

Yea… you’re trash.

You’re absolute shit and I’m calling you out on it right now.

Stop it.

I don’t understand what one thing has to do with the other.




"there’s a difference between a man that wants to take you home, and a man that wants to take you home to mama"


What if they’re the same place?

what do you mean?

What if he lives with his mom?

Being slept on is a lifestyle I was forced into.

Oh, you think a filter is your ally. But you merely adopted the high contrast; I was born in it, moulded by it. I didn’t see the natural lighting until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but BLINDING!

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Africa is my descent and here I’m far from home, I dwell within a land that’s meant, mean for many men not my tone.

The sisterhood of African American women is a life necessity. It can save from so much destruction. 

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How would you describe your religious/spiritual beliefs?


Believe in Allah & prophet Muhammad PBUH and Angels (spirits of goodwill and diff elements of life i interpret as angels) and energy manipulation/chakras/vibrations and divinity (to a lesser extent) in every creature and etc. i molded my own beliefs bein raised muslim and influenced by paganism and buddhism but i dont believe in more than 1 God and i believe God is not a he but the oneness of masculine and feminine. Etc.

How do you pick and choose what you believe?